“Thank you very much for your time and helping me to process my thoughts and feelings through what I feel has been a difficult time for me. I found your ability to communicate with me in a similar style helped me to feel heard and supported. I would not hesitate to recommend you.” Jane, Integrative Coach & Therapist-Supervisor

“I had no idea that CBT therapy would be so effective in my particular case. The journey was interesting, and challenging, but there was a definite improvement that was noticed by my family too. I feel more confident and able to face the world again, although certain elements still remain, they do not bother me half as much as they used to! Thanks Colin.” Helen, survivor of traumatic accident

”I recommend you everywhere I go. You helped me get down to the root of the problem, exploring the underlying issues beneath my addiction. Your honest, open yet professional approach has been important to me as has your gentleness when I’ve needed it. Re my addiction, I liked the way we explored triggers, potential trigger situations, causes and effects as well as informative handouts. I feel much better about myself now.” Gordon, a recovering addict

‘’The aim of the five sessions I have had with Colin was to tackle the way I dealt with difficult news stories. One particular course case featuring a serious sexual assault left me feeling shaken, angry and upset for the victim. It wasn’t the first time I’d struggled with the emotional pressures of my job. Talking through what influenced my reaction to this story helped me set aside my personal worries over safety and distressing situations. The counselling has helped me take a more methodical approach to my job, the challenges and demands it throws at me. I’ve also explored managing work/life balance and my own wellbeing. Colin has listened intently and identified some of the triggers for my anxiety and after 5 sessions, my sense of control and well being particularly at work has improved immensely. ‘’ Sarah, a local journalist