1-to-1 Counselling

Working 1-to-1 with people is the foundation of my practice. I have experience counselling people with a range of issues, around and including: depression, anxiety, stress, anger management, trauma, sexual orientation, confidence, self-esteem, decision making, communicating with others, and many other of life’s difficulties, large and small.

Many of my clients come with relationship difficulties. The most obvious are difficulties between a couple be that a marriage or a relationship between same sex or opposite sex partners. However many people also face difficulties in their relationships with friends, colleagues, siblings or parents. Difficulties experienced in one relationship may be replicated in others. For  example we may have difficulty in our current relationship which may replay earlier difficulties that we had with a parent or siblings.

I work in different ways with individual members of a couple believing that working through their issues can positively affect all of their relationships. You may decide that you want to work with me in Couples Therapy, though much can be achieved just working with me 1-to-1 on how you navigate your own role in the relationship.

Get in touch

When you feel ready, get in touch with me through one of the methods on the Contact page. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about my particular approach as a counsellor. If you ring, I have an answer phone where you can leave a confidential message and I will aim to return your call within 24 hours.